Thursday, 10 May 2012

Let's KARAOKE bebeh!

Tajuk nak gempak kan...??
Karaoke ape tetengahari buta ni? Dalam ofis plak tu. Ni la pompuan gile tgh sangap nak berkaraoke. If i'm not mistaken, the last time i had a karaoke session with Mr.Fiance sumwhere in July 2011. I miss that moment sayang. Just the two of us. I know i was kinda hesitant to follow you and your buddies for your guys karaoke outing. I was kinda reserved back then. Kannnn?? Tpi sekarang tak lagi. I da xde la nak shy-shy-cat sgt macam dulu. Well, i think that's the only thing we have in common! Lupe pulak....One more is movie =D yeah...that's all. The rest sume nye lain. We listen to a diff music. We read diff books. We have diff hobbies. Nahhhhh, senang cerita, sume nye BERBEZA. But that is why we loves each other more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more. PRRAAKKKKKKKKK! (ketuk tangan sendiri sbb terlebih gedik) Hamik kauuu. But thwething is, we are different but we love each other and the differences that we have makes us a better person.

With my girls plak...karaoke session msti ade cik Fuzy Rahman. She's the best gal i ever have. Thanks darl. With this bitch, ooopppssss ANGEL i can do and share everything that i want. The last time we had our session sumwhere in May 2011 (i guess). It was at Bukit Tingi and Eqa joined us as well. Great threesome! Ngeeeee....Since my BIG DAY is coming soon, tibe2 teringat this one move that i watched with Fuzy. "Bride Wars". Such a funny+sisterly+great movie. We laughed till our guts hurts. We looked at each other and smile (cos we know sumtimes we really have this love+hate feelings toward each other). Since study lagi banyak kali gaduh then baik balik. Gaduh then baik balik. But i know, i'm the BAD one la slalunye. Cos i use SILENT THERAPHY and she really can't stand that. Hahahahahah..... At the end of the movie, i cried. I cried cos its kinda touchy-touchy plak nk smpai hujung tu. Keluar panggung, muke sume nak menyengihhhhh je. Sbb x abes lgi gelak. Kannnn??

Oleh sebab hari ni cuaca ala-ala redup nak mendung ni, best sangat melayan perasaan ni. Antara feeling yg ade skang ni :
1. Sangap nak karaoke
2. Rindu kt my future hubby yang 2 bulan x jejak tanah
3. Pening memikior pasal wedding
4. Rindu nak lepak chill ngan buddies smpai pagi-pagi buta
5. Nak tengok "Bride Wars" skali lagi ngan Cik Fuzy (sape2 yang ade DVD cite tu, tolong pass pleaseeeeeee)  

Sempena itu, moh le karaoke sorang2 lagu ni dlm office. Lagu ni contains sume feeling yang ade skang ni. I'm Scared...mmg scared sangat.

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