Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Tertengok cite ni kt astro last weekend. Tak pernah tau ade cite ni pun. I dun even know whether its a movie or drama. Layan kan je la since channel lain sume xde cite yg menarik. Tengok pun time tu dah start dlm setengah jam.

Start2 je tgk time this family ayah, mak, and their 2 sons nak dinner. 1st anak laki yg 1st answer a phone call. Pastu mak ayah die marah. "Time makan jgn nak berborak". Abes je drang berleter, si ayah plak ade call. Mak nye back-up "maybe ayah ade urgent call from office". Tak lama pastu, phone si emak plak berdering. Mak answer and she was talking about some sale kt manetah....hahaha. Cian anak2 jadik patung. Terus terpaku kt depan tv sampai penhujung cerita. Tersenyum puas. Cerita ini sangat menarik. Bole tengok lagi!

Bnyak scene2 yang kelaka and mmberi pengajaran. Paling suka part Adibah Noor advise Jaafar untuk puji anak die. Xkesah klu anak tu kurang pndai, kene bagi pujian sbb pujian tu yg akan memberi semangat nnti. Yang tak bole blah bile Jaafar cube nak puji anak jantan die. Tgah2 bdak tu senduk nasi utk Jaafar, Jaafar bole ckp "I Love U". Terkejut beruk anak die smpai terjatuh periuk nasi (kene marah lagi bdak tu). Hahahahahahaahaaa....mmg x reti nak berbaik dgn anak si Jaafar ni. Mmg best la cite ni. Layan kan...

Anyways, mmg bnyk pengajaran cite ni. Kdg2 mak ayah ni tau nak condemn anak drang je. Anak org, melangit dipuji nye. Budaya kite x mcm western (bukan nk ckp western ni bagos, tpi ade bnde yg kite bole amik and apply dlm daily life kite). "I Love You" "Thanks dear" "Good job" antara ayat yg selalu depa pkai. They are not ashame to show their feelings. Orang kita ni plak ssah nak tunjuk feeling kita tu. Tu yang smpai kdang2 org tak rase dihargai...  

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


aku kata suka
tapi kau tidak

aku kata cantik
kau kata hodoh

aku kata manis
kau kata masam

aku kata malam
kau kata siang

aku kata merah
kau kata hitam

memang aku dan kau tak sama
memang aku dan kau tak cuba untuk jadi sama

aku, aku
kau, kau

kata orang, rambut sama hitam
hati lain-lain
tapi aku tak marah
aku terima seadanya

Tuhan jadikan hambaNya dengan pelbagai keunikan

jgn pandang perbezaan kita suatu beban
tapi keUNIKan yang Tuhan beri untuk kita sama-sama mempelajari
satu sama lain......

#aku kata boring---kau kata apa?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Proud to be ONE

My shout-out for Rizq Thaqif on his 1st birthday!! May ALLAH bless you always and be a good boy yaaa....Amin

Birthday boy look awesome with the bow-tie + suspender. Loving it Farra.

I'm in love with Pja's new look. Gojess! And Mummy Fuzy really had a good time, i'm pretty sure bout that.
My angels...thanks to them for 'teman-ing' me for Qif's party. I'm just bored driving all alone. Love you girls to the moon and back to the earth. Can't stop loving you darlings (eventho Afa always with her antics).

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Let's KARAOKE bebeh!

Tajuk nak gempak kan...??
Karaoke ape tetengahari buta ni? Dalam ofis plak tu. Ni la pompuan gile tgh sangap nak berkaraoke. If i'm not mistaken, the last time i had a karaoke session with Mr.Fiance sumwhere in July 2011. I miss that moment sayang. Just the two of us. I know i was kinda hesitant to follow you and your buddies for your guys karaoke outing. I was kinda reserved back then. Kannnn?? Tpi sekarang tak lagi. I da xde la nak shy-shy-cat sgt macam dulu. Well, i think that's the only thing we have in common! Lupe pulak....One more is movie =D yeah...that's all. The rest sume nye lain. We listen to a diff music. We read diff books. We have diff hobbies. Nahhhhh, senang cerita, sume nye BERBEZA. But that is why we loves each other more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more. PRRAAKKKKKKKKK! (ketuk tangan sendiri sbb terlebih gedik) Hamik kauuu. But thwething is, we are different but we love each other and the differences that we have makes us a better person.

With my girls plak...karaoke session msti ade cik Fuzy Rahman. She's the best gal i ever have. Thanks darl. With this bitch, ooopppssss ANGEL i can do and share everything that i want. The last time we had our session sumwhere in May 2011 (i guess). It was at Bukit Tingi and Eqa joined us as well. Great threesome! Ngeeeee....Since my BIG DAY is coming soon, tibe2 teringat this one move that i watched with Fuzy. "Bride Wars". Such a funny+sisterly+great movie. We laughed till our guts hurts. We looked at each other and smile (cos we know sumtimes we really have this love+hate feelings toward each other). Since study lagi banyak kali gaduh then baik balik. Gaduh then baik balik. But i know, i'm the BAD one la slalunye. Cos i use SILENT THERAPHY and she really can't stand that. Hahahahahah..... At the end of the movie, i cried. I cried cos its kinda touchy-touchy plak nk smpai hujung tu. Keluar panggung, muke sume nak menyengihhhhh je. Sbb x abes lgi gelak. Kannnn??

Oleh sebab hari ni cuaca ala-ala redup nak mendung ni, best sangat melayan perasaan ni. Antara feeling yg ade skang ni :
1. Sangap nak karaoke
2. Rindu kt my future hubby yang 2 bulan x jejak tanah
3. Pening memikior pasal wedding
4. Rindu nak lepak chill ngan buddies smpai pagi-pagi buta
5. Nak tengok "Bride Wars" skali lagi ngan Cik Fuzy (sape2 yang ade DVD cite tu, tolong pass pleaseeeeeee)  

Sempena itu, moh le karaoke sorang2 lagu ni dlm office. Lagu ni contains sume feeling yang ade skang ni. I'm Scared...mmg scared sangat.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Honeymooners

Ini memang gedik. Kawen belom tapi da sibuk nk plan for honeymoon. Mane tak nye, last year before tunang da beli ticket. Tu pun sebab ticket flight murah (thanks AirAsia). If ic ould save up on the transportation, hope we can spend more on other things. Or we could have another 2 3 destination. Yeeehhaaaa!!

So, our 1st trip will be Phuket. Dekat je, xde la mampu nak sampai ke Bora Bora or Mauritius ke hape (buat muke seposen). For me, it will be my first trip to Phuket nor Thailand. I dunno why but i juz do not have the 'nafsu' to travel there. But as i was convinced by my beloved fiance (boyfie back then), i agreed. The option between Phuket and Krabi. But looking on the flight ticket fare, we come to the end of discussion. PHUKETTTT!! Mr.fiance has travelled there 3 4 times. Thus, i put all my trust for him to show me 'heaven on earth' =D

See this pic, it really calm me. The clear blue water and the clean white sand..woooo, i just can't wait to experience Phuket. We will stay there for a week but Mr.fiance would like to bring me to Krabi too. So we will see how it goes then. One way or another, i just can't wait to be with him. We will walk along the beaches and sing Kool and the Gang's masterpiece. "Let's take a walk together, near the ocean shores. Hand in hand, you and i. Let's CHERISH every moment, we have been given...lalalalala". Mesti back gilerrr.

Best jugak berangan camni, lagi2 time keje. Ade yang kene ketuk pale ngan Boss karang ni. Ok! back to reality Ain. You have so many work to be done and renew the filing system. Get it done NOW!!!



Morning, my goal is to get a new lip color. Yeahh!! But as a very lame boring person, the normal color that i would get is almost the same. The bravest attempt is my current lipstain (below).

There tonnes and tonnes of color but i just dont have the guts to make a change (my very typical mindset). Urghh! Even nak bli lipstick pn bnyk drama, meh cni amik SUCKER PUNCH! Macam2 color ade kt bawah ni, tpi bnyk tone brown kan? Ni la perangai si penakut. Boooooooooooooooooooooo....

Really hope that i can change my mindset of being scared of...almost everything. Especially to make the first step of change. Nak try color orange, hahahah. Bullshizzzz la pompuan ni. Tengok, ade bran ke xde bran. Hihihihi =D

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kerabu...i lap youuuuuuu

Bila perempuan ini mengidam, ini yang di cari *droooooooling*


Happy tuesday all...i woke up this morning with a smile on my face =D dunno why but i feel giddy good today. 

While i'm doing my work in my small lil' station, i'm listening to my all time favourite by Lauryn Hill "Killing Me Softly". And i keep on smiliiiinnnnnngggggggggg =D =D =D i feel excited for a reason that i don't even know. Haippp..

Last night i watched The X-Factor USA. I just can't erase this name from my mind "Chris Rene". He look like an average normal white chap BUT with a great voice. Well, not a big great voice like Lionel Richie or Marc Anthony, but i love his performance. He put his soul in it and i can see the honesty. Hahaha....trying my luck to be the next judge? Boo Hooo....   

This morning someone asked my a very obvious question. I walked into the office and she asked me, "Kerja hari ni?". Sepantas kilat i gave her a snappy answer, "Takdelah, nak shopping kt dalam ni". Urghhhhh....if you don't know how to start a conversation with someone that you rarely talk to, just keep silent. U don't have to act that you are a friendly type of person (or maybe too friendly). Just smile, that's enough. Faham anak-anak????

*** SMILE; it makes people wonder what you are thinking ***

Monday, 7 May 2012

Humble Pliss...

Hello spoilt brat,
I don't hate you
I just don't like you

You think you're pretty?
There are dozens of pretty ladies out there...
Pretty inside out!

You think you're rich?
There are many young millionaires out there...
With their own effort!

So please...stop being snobbish. Or one day, all of your friends will leave you behind. 

snob (snÉ’b)

- n
1. a.Compare inverted snob a person who strives to associate with those of higher social status and who behaves condescendingly to others


I find it very hard to comunicate with these "perasan bagus" people. Bukan sorang, tpi rmai plak tu. Rase mcm nak bagi kaki je. Izit too hard to treat people nicely? Why being arrogant? Snobbish? High nose? God never differentiate us with our look n wealth. We are all the SAME. Perangai buruk tu xkan bawak u ke mane-mane.   

p/s : This is a gentle reminder to myself and everyone in this whole wide world. MODE : Serius


Lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths.