Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Honeymooners

Ini memang gedik. Kawen belom tapi da sibuk nk plan for honeymoon. Mane tak nye, last year before tunang da beli ticket. Tu pun sebab ticket flight murah (thanks AirAsia). If ic ould save up on the transportation, hope we can spend more on other things. Or we could have another 2 3 destination. Yeeehhaaaa!!

So, our 1st trip will be Phuket. Dekat je, xde la mampu nak sampai ke Bora Bora or Mauritius ke hape (buat muke seposen). For me, it will be my first trip to Phuket nor Thailand. I dunno why but i juz do not have the 'nafsu' to travel there. But as i was convinced by my beloved fiance (boyfie back then), i agreed. The option between Phuket and Krabi. But looking on the flight ticket fare, we come to the end of discussion. PHUKETTTT!! Mr.fiance has travelled there 3 4 times. Thus, i put all my trust for him to show me 'heaven on earth' =D

See this pic, it really calm me. The clear blue water and the clean white sand..woooo, i just can't wait to experience Phuket. We will stay there for a week but Mr.fiance would like to bring me to Krabi too. So we will see how it goes then. One way or another, i just can't wait to be with him. We will walk along the beaches and sing Kool and the Gang's masterpiece. "Let's take a walk together, near the ocean shores. Hand in hand, you and i. Let's CHERISH every moment, we have been given...lalalalala". Mesti back gilerrr.

Best jugak berangan camni, lagi2 time keje. Ade yang kene ketuk pale ngan Boss karang ni. Ok! back to reality Ain. You have so many work to be done and renew the filing system. Get it done NOW!!!


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